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Cork, what a wonder! Surprise us, draw smiles and wake up the clouds of imagination. Can’t imagine all of this for your home? You will see that it does. The surprise comes to us from IKEA, Swedish stores have welcomed a new collection called Sinnerlig, developed by incredible high-end designers as they have done so far with their latest products. This time, the company was supported by Ilse Crawford, a leading London illustrator. It is clear that great collaboration and inspiring projects are needed to evolve, to create good and interesting designs, and this was announced a few days ago by Marcus Engman, Swedish Design Manager at IKEA.

Take a look at the photos and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of each design. The Sinnerlig collection has found the wonderful properties of cork: it is renewable, durable, noise reduction, water resistant and easy to clean. You see, it has everything to do with IKEA furniture. From this material, more than 30 pieces were designed for the collection: various accessories for the home or specifically for work, dining and relaxation. By dividing these rooms, we get the initial designs of each space, and thus highlight them trestle table for work, dining table for living room and sofa bed for relaxation area. These three elements combine the beauty and the unique touch of cork and relate aesthetically to the imperfections of their nature.

Accessories, complements and furniture in cork with total consistency, aesthetically elegant and an innovative finish. Each of them aims to capture our senses, these 30 accessories from the Sinnerlig collection aim to connect with our home and install the IKEA philosophy. Its ability to shape, how cork stretches, twists and turns to create all kinds of solid shapes and integrate them into our ordinary furniture: chairs, tables, sofas … together, it’s amazing! Do not you think?

Do not miss any detail on the decorative accessories that accompany each cork creation. Have you noticed the lamps that light up the table? Many times we find spaces that do not require a lot of light, just a touch of decoration. And for these spaces we find a type of lamp that works very well and that is the one used in the Sinnerlig collection: the wicker lamps.

ikea cork table

In addition to the fact that the type of material responds very well to cork, the braid adds an elegant, solemn and original touch, and allows to shape various geometric shapes with very cool finishes. Like I said, these are lamps that don’t provide excessive light in the house, but they swallow it up, which is why they are a great choice for well-lit dining rooms on their own, which just need to add a decorative touch in the living room, study or bedroom. A perfect way to decorate a room and give yourself a little of that magic that only rusty patterns can leave us.

The collection was presented at the last edition of the Stockholm Furniture Fair organized by the Ett Hem hotel, in the Swedish capital. The collection was born after several trips to international places made together by IKEA and his collaborator Ilse. So they embarked on fascinating journeys through the lands of Poland, Portugal, Vietnam and China and discovered the enormous possibilities offered by the design of natural materials and home accessories. And that’s how they chose cork, for its comfortable and easy adaptation to interior design.

The result was this magnificent collection that I am sharing with you today and of which you can discover a piece on the same IKEA site or from the illustrator who accompanied you in this project. As a reminder, I will tell you that this is not the first time that IKEA has worked with great personalities from the world of interior design. Previously, we found other innovative collections that could be just as interesting, with the collaboration of sculptors designers Mathias Hahn, Tomás Alonso and ArtRebels. Important names in the current interior design scene are making their mark, as Ilse Crawford is now leaving with this amazing collection called Sinnerling.

Personally, I think cork is bringing more and more surprises around here, with a lot of originality! With finishes that can work really well in any home, don’t you think? What do you think? Did you like the proposal?