summer chair

You still have time to be your king on the beach this summer because this amazing chair you see in the photo called the Rietveld chair is just plain loose. Yes, it’s a beach chair that suits us perfectly this summer and this time around is loaded with originality and color. The Rietveld chair has been with us for years and we have managed to achieve many different designs since its inception thanks to architect Gerrit Rietveld. We are indebted to such a chair-chair which has given us so many good times; Gerrit Rietveld, from the Stijil movement, whom you know very well because it was made up of popular personalities like Piet Mondrian or Theo van Doesburg.

As you can see, the chair was an invention many years ago, but what is now offered by the Dutch company Mal Furniture is a renewal of the traditional model and its adaptation to the purest beach style. And this chair, although perhaps one of the simplest designs in the world, sparked a major revolution at the time and that’s exactly what Mal Furniture now intends to achieve: save Rietveld’s reputation and put itself Under pressure most summers, adapt the chair for use on the shore. Here is one of the tenets of the business, so don’t be surprised: Mal Furniture is an expert in saving and decontextualizing classics. And this time it was Rietveld’s chair.

The featured design is very colorful and is almost best described with the simple image you see in this article. I will emphasize the back of the chair, which until now was made of wood, It also has a canvas resistant to ultraviolet rays from the sun and water. The rest of the structure retained the wooden skeleton, but added new features: now it is foldable. With these modifications we have the summer style which offers the colors black, blue, yellow and red, happily distributed between the canvas, the wooden structure and the edges.

The best part of it all so far. Now comes the standard, the price, and this is where the originality seems to have run out. The new Rietveld chair costs 499 euros. Yes, just one pass. But who wouldn’t want to have one?