For all readers, I have some great suggestions for home book storage. If you stick to all your works, you will surely appreciate the idea of ​​being able to organize them in a special way. After knowing the the original work of the artist Tembolat Gugkaev You will no longer be happy to have a traditional shelving unit.

While classic shelves are one of the best storage options because they allow books to be stacked and make better use of space; but they are not the most significant aesthetic solution to fulfill this function. At least it’s not because of the status of Tembolat’s designs. Do we see them all?

Tecnotik booklet

A chaotic complementary piece of furniture to integrate into our decor. When I speak of chaos, I am referring to the structuring of the furniture, as shown in the picture freestanding shelf with several independent modules that can be stacked freely on top of each other, with varying degrees of tilt to one side and the other, apparently squatting on top of each other, as if they were practicing acrobatics on the two-door cabinet that forms the base and participates in the “circus »With two unequal doors and an irregular height. Everything seems to fall apart at any moment! But no … This rare shelf is of a very secure design and we can use each module to store our books and display them in a different way. If that’s not enough for you, add it the back of each module can be illuminated by LED light so that the library acts as a source of light at night and that our books are not noticed at any time …


Cabinet Wha

This second model is even better. It abandons the disorder of the previous one to offer us a more elegant form that draws a continuous design from a single module, despite the play with irregular lines. This is shaped with a curvature to give it a “life of its own” and show us a bookcase capable of twisting and folding almost in half. In this form, the shelf is divided into four unequal shelves of any size, each located at a different inclination.


Like the Tectonic Booklet, this second design works with LED lighting, but with more appeal, since each of the shared spaces in the booklet has a different light color. Thus our books will be immersed in a luminous red, green, yellow or blue background. Very modern and colorful shelf! Finally, let’s underline the dual function of this module which acts as a lamp, in addition to allowing us to organize all our books, not only by the colored lighting of each shelf, but by its a powerful off-white light source capable of emitting through the sides of the cabinet, that we can focus it on a sofa, bed or sofa. Your ideal reading corner!


Finally, I present another of the artist’s most characteristic drawings. This corresponds to another very fun gene, but one that could be perfectly integrated at home, in a reading room or in the corner of a spacious living room. Yes, at least he needs a site, because it is a shelf that is installed on the floor and structured around a manual chair. Tatik is therefore a kind of pyramid with many straight shelves protruding behind the backrest of a comfortable chair integrated into the design, so that the good reader is abandoned to intense reading, without leaving his seat at any time. minutes, since you have all the books at your fingertips from the same chair. The shelf allows books to be placed on both sides and has a fairly large storage capacity. Because the armchair attached to the front, right in the middle, is distinguished by the color of the lined fabric: a pink and pale blue striped pattern. At least original and I would say it’s the most comfortable seat to make it your favorite reading nook, don’t you think?

What do you think of Tembolat Gugkaev’s work? Do you know of shelves as original as these to store your best books? I encourage you to visit the artist’s official website as you will discover other such funny and weird designs that are also worth knowing!