Furnishing a living room, hallway or dining room is always a puzzle. There are many different styles of furniture and within each of them a wide variety of designs are suited to each of these aesthetic trends: minimalist, classic, vintage … And between them from time to time innovation and the originality of the revolutionary designs are evident. , we cannot go into a particular style other than creativity and, it must be admitted, that most of them still manage to capture our attention. If they are not superfluous, they can be a very good alternative to decorating our domestic spaces.

One of those designs that can save us a good living room or dining room is the one that Stone Designs leaves us with its armchairs inspired by flower petals. It is an original creation intended for the Swedish firm Skandiform. Very elegant seats, with stylized lines and pastel colors suitable for the coming spring. This study sought to replicate a mysterious concept in chairs, comprising flowers as people holding the grand riddle of creation between their petals.. The shape of each chair which has received a very literal name: Petals has predictable inspiration.

This odd design will be showcased at the celebration of the Stockholm International Furniture and Lighting Fair. The creators tried to express this enigmatic feeling of the flower world, while trying to fill and furnish the space without resorting to bombardment architectural elements. In this way, a kind of micro-space is generated around each chair where people can sit and feel safe, protected by the petals. This feeling, indirectly, allows us to relax and avoid reality.

In the collection we find different models of chairs, some seats have only one petal as a support, while others have more complex designs such as two petals. At first glance, they are all quite comfortable and glamorous. So now, you know, if you want to find privacy at home and take refuge among the petals of creation, Pétales is the collection you need!