When you need an extra seat at home, there is always a hidden stool that you only use for those special occasions and when you talk about a stool you immediately imagine that it is. acts of a short chair, with a small seat, without backrest and without more details that reinforce its comfort. The stool is a seat that has been reorganized over the years since its creation in 17th century France, which leads to many models and styles, and today I want to tell you about the last one that arrived on the market from Thierry Wille.

With a vintage style, this artist created the stool you see in the image: a seat that combines rusty and modern art, rewriting the concept of the stool from an innovative perspective. This is Taboustool, a low bench with a rubberwood structure. This type of wood is one of the most ecological and economical, and comes from the rubber tree.. The chair has a four-legged structure, arranged like a rocket. On this wooden structure, we find the most original point of the design: U-shaped seat in HI-MACS, which stands out for its white color and for leaving us an image that we are not used to seeing on stools.

So, Taboustool has two armrests and a softer and wider seat to sit on. At the same time, the aesthetic effect is perfect due to the fact that the material used can be freely shaped, in this case U-shaped, without the need for connection points or assembly parts. Dynamic, light and durable seat in one piece, crowned on the precious wood base. As it has evolved, the traditional stool is an innovative concept, both in the style of the design and in the arrangement of the seats which offers us greater comfort.

Thierry Wille stool presented at the Kortrijk International Fair held in Belgium and now we can choose ours. It is available in more than a hundred different colors in order to adapt perfectly to our decoration and our personal tastes. Urban stool, with a modern cut, through which we can decorate a corner, surprise the guest and have an additional seat at home.