book book

More than one will fall in love with this original design. When you first see the image you might think we’re talking about a cute shelving collection, but all the meaning isn’t really for those two great books we see in the middle of the photo . Well, books … That’s what they look like, books. But they are not, they include much more! I present to you Booknitures, a versatile piece of furniture hidden in the shape of a book! Aha, so these weren’t books, they were furniture. If we keep reading we will understand how this amazing transformation can be achieved!

It’s really quite simple but surprises with all its simplicity. Each of these books we’ve seen before can be arranged 360 degrees to create a piece of furniture. The solidity of the base allows it to be used as a side table, with many possibilities, either place the laptop near us, support a table lamp, relax your feet while lying on the sofa or we can use it as a bedside table put our personal belongings. You decide to use it! I’m not sure if I dare say that Booknitures also serves as a seat because there is still too much weight, but it certainly has a solid foundation on which to lay a wide range of things.

Surprisingly, with its small transformation, is the ease of transport. Anyone can grab their appearance notebook at home and go out with an appearance notebook under their arm and, at the most unexpected moment, fold it up and turn it into a side table. It’s really surprising, and nothing complicated about it! You already know that space is always very precious and that an establishment like this can make our life much more comfortable and simple, making it easier to organize at home and bringing us comfort at times. Booknitures is a great alternative to a small space, and we appreciate it.

This extraordinary idea originated in Hong Kong, where space is not exactly what is left. Someone came up with the idea of ​​making cardboard tables and chairs that could be folded up when finished and easily stored like a book. And it was nice to keep, of course. And that’s how Booknitures was born, also with high moisture resistance and a very solid base capable of supporting more than 100 times its weight. Of course, they can also be used as a seat! I told you before that it would surprise you.