the tables

Walking through the halls that were part of the Milan fair last month, we came across one of the most fashionable minimalist designs in the exhibition, from the hands of artists Joel Andersson and Söner. Their work is presented in each of the complementary tables. in HIMACS characteristic acrylic stone, the same as you see in the photo. The challenge for these designers was to create a solid table and this is how this unique combination of solid wood and acrylic stone was born.

The whole collection is called BUFF. This is a set of tables that vary in size and format, as we get everything from months with a round, rectangular or irregular surface, to low-rise tables and others that are taller. But they all have one common denominator: structure. Thus the work of Karl Andersson and Söner combines resistant but very limited tablecloths in acrylic stone and a set of feet (three or four depending on the size of the table), which made of wood and with a conical Scandinavian style, which adds to the warmth of this minimalist design I was talking about at the start. The feet are made of different materials to choose from birch, walnut, ash or oak wood.

Without a doubt, they are designer tables, suitable for modern environments, but with that relaxed base that allows them to be introduced into more classic spaces. They all work great as side tables, even as coffee tables for small spaces. The acrylic stone on the surface gives their own personality and adds smooth lines even in the most geometric designs, looking for rounded corners or fuzzy profiles. Likewise, each table model can be purchased in different colors, namely: white, off-white, beige brown, light blue, sand color … Each responds to soft tones that harmonize with the warmth of the materials and the precise shapes of the feet, to create a slim and slender design. Because of this brightness in the final design, when seen on the tables, it can produce a slight sense of movement, inspired by the curves and the globe.

In the end, the most important thing is the idea, combine this genius of the right materials to get a perfect table. But HI-MACS acrylic stone is the most expensive on the market, so it’s no surprise that these tables are priced above $ 800. Once again, design pays dearly.