Replace your Ikea furniture

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Ikea pieces are very popular. Not only because of its materials and quality, but also because of its ease of adaptation to different styles. With a few tweaks, you can customize them to your liking. The Bekvam bench, for example, is one of the most sought after, due to its variety of uses. Although it sounds simple, furniture can be the center of the fair with these simple ideas.

Some call it a ladder stool and it is certainly in high demand for its excellent price, functionality and stability. It usually comes in a solid shade (beige, white, blue, pink or black), and serves as a support to reach the kitchen worktops or the upper part of the cupboard. But with a little creativity, we can give it more presence and function.

With a little enamel, you can fill it with color if you want, and use it as a bedside table, magazine rack or bench to sit on… With two or three tons it will look great, but you can give it a riskier look, like a piano keyboard. Your children will be interested. The keys can go down and the tail down. There are actually many options. Read for inspiration.

Ikea furniture with another profile

Side tables make spaces more welcoming. They make her look very charming. These ideas for enjoying Ikea furniture will put you in the foreground.

The Kvistbro side table for storage can not be missing at home. Making a table for your living room will be very easy. In the center or on the side of the cabinet, it will look great. Its white surface will serve as a base for setting up ornaments with a vibrant hue that creates contrast.

If you prefer, you risk creating your table from scratch. Creatives see opportunities everywhere. Adding a nice board on Knuff magazine racks you get another large table. You can even cover them up to add originality.

Give your living room a new touch by changing the Lack coffee table. A few studs on the sides will make it much more glamorous. Choose it in dark pigment to enhance its beauty.

You can also try a coffee table made of filing cabinets. With a few racks, a shelf, and a trio of Ikea binders, you’ll have room to find notebooks, planners, or children’s notebooks.

Lamps with different designs

Lighting is a basic decoration. Without it, rooms become cold and uncomfortable. Get out of the ordinary with these proposals.

  • The pot that wanted to be a lamp. This element, dubbed Skurar by the Swedish brand, has a simple but attractive design. For this reason, many pierce its base, help themselves to pierce, and pass the handle of the bulb. It looks great in any environment. Try to paint it in a different color.
  • A container that falls in love. The golden hue of the Angenäm bowl has too much potential, so stop using it just for fruit. Drill holes in the bottom with a drill and pass the bulb handle. You can turn it into an attractive ceiling light.
  • Lamp in the best industrial style. The bowls express the creativity of DIY enthusiasts. IKEa Trädig can be converted into a ceiling light without too much difficulty. Its style is unique and you can play with its nuances.

Sofas and storage chairs

Do you feel like you are running out of places to attract your visitors? Make a sofa with the Kallax shelf. With a little ingenuity, you can create a backup for convenience. Cushions are essential. Above all, your choice is on the tones that best decorate your living room. The lower part will be fully functional. You can save what you need and get the most out of every square inch of your home.

Room solutions

With the Ikea bed back you can optimize the storage space in the bedroom. Take advantage of its height to incorporate cabinets. So you can have the bedside lamp, the books and the decorations.

Do you want to be loved gallant the night, but is your space limited? Then a call to Ivar’s chair. You will need to cut out the center of the seats and keep the backrest, rear legs and excess seats. You attach it to the wall and the content is resolved.

Parts for organization

Let the books live up to your little one transform Bekväm furniture into shelves. They are decorative and will help you put each story in its place. You can use Ekby Järpen shelves with Ekby Töre brackets to create a modular bookcase. Paint it with bright colors to make it stand out even more.

Another option is photo shelves to keep stories and books accessible. You can even put them in the bathroom to keep your personal hygiene products organized. Take them to your platform and find different plants. For this purpose, the Bekväm will also serve you. If you need a rack in the hallway or library, use it with confidence. You choose the ending you give it.