Emiel remmelts construction is the starting point for any aspect of interior design. Furniture and all decorations included. You do not have to think too much to have the logic of this way of seeing things: without building the house first, it would be impossible to put the decoration. To underline this key role, this designer wanted to integrate construction elements in his designs, creating strange, different and above all combinations. Shall we take a look?

For example, cement blocks, bricks, pieces of wood, metal beams … This is all well and good and we all know what it is, but what we are not so used to is putting all of these items in furniture such as shelves or cabinets. In the picture I leave you can get even closer to this strange state of mind of Emiel Remmelts. Among the different designs we find, for example, a very ordinary shelf, made of wood, but with the specificity that one of the sides that supports the whole, including the different shelves, is made up of different construction elements placed in the frame of the main structure but have a very decorative effect as if they were in fact objects and are not an essential part of the final shelf.

Like this example, we find other things rare, but above all striking designs, where the essential pieces of any piece of furniture are replaced by pieces of wood, eels and other elements from the world of construction. And the principle is that we only think about three or four things, but in reality there are hundreds of objects, instruments and tools used in this sector. On the other hand, the potential importance of this type of initiative deserves to be underlined because it can in some way help to boost the construction sector if affected by the economic crisis, or its importance is less important in the rescue. of the society. Thus, each of these artisanal objects is a beautiful tribute to construction and to all those professionals who are totally dedicated to it.

That’s why nothing would make sense to Emiel Remmelts without building things before, and thanks to this weird way of seeing the world, today we can enjoy fun designs like these.

PHOTO: lait-design.com