We come back with one of the best recycling ideas of the past few weeks! All those who like to give everyday things a second chance to form original pieces for the house, pay attention because in this article we will talk about How to recycle wine bottles to create a beautiful side table! As you can hear, a glass bottle has never been so functional!

The idea comes from a Brazilian designer living in Barcelona and her name is Tati Guimarães. He has an incredible collection of original ideas that he works on from his own design studio, Ciclus. Among these ideas, we wanted to highlight this coffee table made with recycled bottles and simple wooden table tops, because it is really easy to make and could be one of the best DIYs of this year!

As you can see in the picture, the painting is very easy to make. You just need to have all the material: wooden table, some recycled bottles and some flowers. The idea is that the bottles act like table legs. The size of the table will depend on our tastes and needs, in which case we have chosen to place discreet patterns in a corner or function as a decorative element. Depending on the size of the wood, we will need larger or smaller bottles to hold it.

It suffices to trace the diameter of the neck of the bottles at different stratigraphic points of the board where the wood will rest. To ensure the stability of the table it is better to make three holes and put a bottle in the shape of a triangle. It will be very important to choose the type of bottle since we will be able to choose what color it will be the most suitable and what shape.

The other advantage of this very original design is that, as the interior of the bottles will be empty, with the neck visible above the surface of the table, we can fill them with decorative twigs and flowers, The result is a beautiful personalized side table! Once your first table is finished, you can dare with others of different sizes and combine them to create a beautiful centerpiece in the living room or entryway. What do you think? Easy and original, right?