MUJI sun lounger

Few outdoor furniture offers comfort and style in an integrated way. Designers often go to great lengths to create a beautiful decorative accessory, regardless of its functionality, but this is not the case with the new living room of the Japanese firm Mujirushi Ryohin (MUJI). If you imagine yourself this summer lying by the pool, the terrace or the garden on a chair that combines the comfort of the sofa for the living room and the simplicity of the pouf, the MuJI Body Fit Cushion it is your perfect choice.

You can put them inside and outside the house, although it is also beautiful in hotel bars, terraces and lounges, so if you are in charge of this type of business, don’t do not hesitate to touch the glamor. It is available in 12 colors to match or make as a focal point for the decor. The inner material is very durable, and the outer cover is a kind of cover, so it can be taken off and washed without any problem.

Guaranteed ergonomics

Relaxation will not be a problem when you lie down in this living room. In addition to providing comfort, it is designed to accommodate two positions that keep the back straight to prevent damage to the spine. This filling the ottoman bed is ergonomic, so you will not feel pain or cramps if sleep breaks you. Of course, if you are in the sun try applying sunscreen so that the skin does not suffer either.

User-friendliness and simplicity are two of the characteristics of MUJI, which in Japanese means quality products without a logo, and which translates perfectly into the furniture presented this season.

The perfect touch

a Body Cushion Body It will not clash with your sofa upholstery or the material of your garden or patio chairs as it is smooth and neutral making it a perfect fit in any ensemble. All you have to do is hit the matching tone or get a contrast. Your own advice. For years, poufs have positioned themselves as a modern accessory that adds freshness to rooms. Without a doubt, MUJI knew how to exploit it and transform it into a useful accessory for all kinds of spaces and occasions.

After the summer, it can be placed inside the bedroom, as it is very suitable for watching TV or reading a good book. It is also a great facility for the children’s playroom. Where are you going to put your head?