LUFE victory in the decoration sector


A few days after its publication in the pages of the newspaper El País, its fan base on social networks has tripled. In addition, subscriptions to its Newsletter have exploded. Written press, audiovisual media, a blog and virtual communities provided a space dedicated to the LUFE project, competitor of Ikea Basque.

In just three years, he established himself in the sector. Its name sums up the essence of the brand and the characteristics of its products. (Local, Universal, Functional and Ecological). All the parts are produced in the region, their prices are affordable and they have great practicality. As if that weren’t enough, the end product is environmentally friendly.

2 thousand euros and a dream marked the beginning of Lufe

After the bankruptcy of the family business, Enrique Arrillaga again chose the manufacture of wooden furniture. With the support of relatives and friends, he managed to raise 2,000 euros to start today a project called LUFE.

It is sold exclusively on the web. Its catalog focuses on headboards, dressers, chairs, tables and beds with very attractive costs. The quality of its creation maintains its popularity. And the Nordic-inspired lines have attracted attention from all over the world.

Sustainability and recognition

Where does the durability of the pieces lie? As one would expect, the use of wood was a fundamental element. It is obtained from accredited pine badges with the PEFC seal, the most widely applied forest certification system.

About 200 thousand hectares of this specimen are found in the Basque Country. In addition, its growth rate surpasses that of beech and oak. Due to its high profitability, it has earned the nickname “green gold” as stated in various publications.

The genius behind sawdust recognizes that its success depends only on quality. It was the media that made LUFE known to the public. Since the company is listed as a competitor of Ikea Basque, the phones are ringing more and more. Requests for maintenance or furniture overflowed, resulting in a growing acceptance at national level.

Demand impact

Three people gave LUFE the big dream in 2014. Three years later, 17 people joined the team. The payroll had to be increased. They have gone from 20 daily applications to 100 and continue to grow.

Demand is reflected on its doorstep. From 2 miles a day, they went up to 200 miles. However, the company had to repeat certain procedures. For example, he decided to respond only to requests from the Basque Country, stopping requests for Belgian, Dutch and French lands.

He does not reject internationalization, but wants to do it in an organized way. He even wants to reach Latin America. But before taking this step, it plans to hire more staff, adapt its facilities, replenish the stock to be withdrawn from the Internet and experiment with technology. Long create tables with wireless chargers, headboards with USB, hammocks designed for the outdoors and a sofa for one person, among others.

The media have focused on this brand which promises to fill homes with heat and morbidity. And that Arrillaga recognizes that it was not an easy road, he appreciates his knowledge of psychology, which always helps him measure achievements and failures. His frequent attendance at corporate events gave him the confidence to keep going. AND is not likely to stop.