Futons come from Japanese culture and are very light bedding that folds easily. They were adapted to make room for the western futon currently sold in many stores. We analyze the pros and cons.


The current decoration has developed according to what we offer on the market. The giant Ikea has managed to put in our hands elements that we could not have had before. And the rest of the stores were not left out. In this sense, those who intend to give their home a new touch today, or just want to renovate it to suit a particular style, can do so without undue inconvenience other than investing. Today we want to tell you in a unique way about a style that stands out with a very characteristic aspect of: a futon Asian style decoration.

To startwhat exactly is the futon? Well, it depends on what definition you want to use. From the point of view of classic decorating style, it can be said that a futon is rather an all-in-one type of mattress that was part of the traditional furniture of Japanese homes. Today, however, it is very different when you talk about futon in western decoration. It can be a type of mattress that can be removed and placed in small spaces and is very durable. Or we can also refer to real beds placed on platforms that have a lot of personality. And we even talk about futons when we talk about sofas that transform into beds and have a spongy seat of a particular kind than what is usual in this type of product.

What are the benefits of installing futons in your home?

A futon it can be scary at first because of its original definition. However, the current concept clearly calls for a commitment to a modern piece of furniture that can function as an assistant, but could turn any bedroom into a space with a lot of personality. The futon, which we summarize in the list presented below, can have many advantages. Rate and enjoy!

  • The cost: undoubtedly one of the most notable advantages when choosing a futon as a bed, as an extra bed or as a sofa bed to adapt to any space with a dual function. Futon prices start at just under $ 100. While it is true that some of these numbers far exceed and are sold as exclusive furniture, it is also true that there are some very inexpensive models on the market.
  • An ideal addition to homes with little space: when there is very little space in your apartment, the futon is the perfect combination to have a bed that can be removed easily. Also allow space for guests who will only be staying a few days.
  • Friendliness: the futon has many possible uses, and is only designed as an element of nighttime relaxation. If it all depends on the model and the surface on which you place it, it is true that they are much more versatile than a traditional bed, no matter where you look.
  • Very suitable for little ones– Baby futon beds are ideal for children who like to play and jump on them. There is no risk of breakage and, if the metal is not transported, there is no problem of dropping or damage.
  • Give a different touch to any room: a futon used as a bed mounted on a raised wooden surface above the normal floor can be a very important differentiator and thus in many cases achieve the desired personality and is not easy to achieve in other cases in space and the other money. types of items.

Of course, choosing a futon isn’t just a plus and like any other mattress or piece of furniture, it also has some negatives to consider. One of them is that it is very complicated to store an extra bed, for example in a closet, because it is really bulky to give them that rigidity that characterizes them and that is why he convinces many that ‘it is ideal. At the same time, maintenance is not easy if it is a futon without a cover. Sometimes the interior material needs to be reconditioned and spread over the entire surface. Other times it may be difficult to wash off. Neverthelessdo you think the futon was what you were looking for your home?

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