On Democratic Design Day celebrated in June in Sweden, organized by the famous Ikea, a large number of novels on furniture will be shown that we will see in the coming months. One of the most notable novelties has been the Ypperlig collection, with which Ikea wants to surprise him again as it has done at other times. Now a month later a video has been featured that you see in this newsletter that introduces us to this collection.

The video has a short duration so it won’t weigh you down, and was produced by a Danish company called Kuhl & Solvstrom, who has extensive experience in this type of work animation. His scenes focus on some of the components and ingredients that will be used to show us the new furniture and accessories in this collection. What stands out above all is the desire to bet on the use of recycled materials in which everything is 100% ecological, because this is one of the foundations of the company’s philosophy.

Some parts, as we will see later, these are new versions of some furniture the most emblematic and representative of the history of Ikea.

The animation footage in the video has a touch of whimsy and even magic that makes it very appealing. he presents us the house is empty and for which different objects appear, referring to the materials that will be used to create the piece of furniture in question. Getting into an empty house is a clear reference to how Ikea wants to start this collection from a whole new tragic concept.

They call it the future of Scandinavian design and we can really marvel at how well it will fit into any environment. The presentation of the video left us speechless and very satisfied with what we saw. Ikea, which may be very lucky with some of its design lines, seems to be taking shape thanks to the new talents that are invading the furniture and design sector in general.

The bad news, and it pains many of us to say it, is that the Ypperlig collection, while already heavily promoted, will not be available in Ikea stores. until next year 2017. We must therefore be patient.

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