ikea furniture

Although IKEA may seem like a brand in its own right, not many people know that it is an acronym for Ingvar Kamprad (the founder of the company), Elmtaryd (his family’s farm) and Agunnaryd ( the village where he grew up (province of Småland) You certainly remember some of the most successful pieces of furniture from our article a few weeks ago.

Although they are not known by name, look at the photo to find them in the kitchens and living rooms of many homes. Ar Ikea receives a few items depending on what they are. The names of the furniture and accessories suggest other concepts typical of the country in which the company was born. You may find it very strange, but the company has some sort of manual with dictionary style rules. Have you ever heard it? We show it to you below!

Here is an Ikea name dictionary

a Ikea’s own dictionary you need the following very strange rules:

  • The toiletries are named after Swedish lakes or water reservoirs.
  • The beds, wardrobes and living room furniture bear Norwegian place names. Like Orje, a town near Oslo, or Melby’s chair. If you have Ophélie, Mathilde, Sofia or Ritva in your home, you have probably renovated your curtains and other textile items in the nearest Ikea.
  • The bedding is made up of flowers and plants.
  • Bookstores are called Viking professions or names, including some workers of their own brand. (Billy Bookstore is named after employee Billy Likjedhal.)
  • Bowls, vases, candles and candles bear typical Swedish names: adjectives, spices, berries, herbs or fruit.
  • For garden furniture, Ikea keeps the names of the Scandinavian islands.
  • The girls’ names are on the curtains.
  • Boxes, pictures and frames, clocks or other decorative items hanging on the wall are named after Swedish slang expressions or Swedish place names.
  • Products designed for raising animal children.
  • In lighting fixtures, they use the names of units of measure, seasons, months, or just days of the week in Swedish.

In case you didn’t trust the first try, and doubted the authenticity of these names, an English net surfer decided to translate or try to find their hidden meaning. Thus born a a dictionary in which he explains the meaning of each nomenclature. But every rule has its exceptions and she had to admit that about 130 objects had not been defined because she did not know their meaning.

The realization of Ikea in detail

There is little threat IKEA rediscovers its business model and growing success. Still, Ike ‘Raises, softens or diminishes the complex view that it’s different to be different, “admits Anders Dahlvig, a former cabinet executive.

Ikea hopes to become an even more competitive company in 2017 offer a variety of projects in which every house in the world has its place. It is the real trademark of Ikea. One of the signs of business is to come up with smart solutions and understand the lives of the people in your home. Therefore, storage options, especially for houses of reduced dimensions, are one of the strong points and in which the company invests the most resources.

If you are not yet home without furniture from a swedish company, What are you waiting for? Make a good investment and decorate your home with the products that only Ikea can offer you. With its large assortment, good design, and affordable prices for most people, it’s hard to stand up. Do not you think? Without a doubt, the world of furniture and decoration has been experienced before and after this company since its emergence as a European multinational.