If you like wine or a good drink after eating, you would like to know a piece of furniture like the Corridor Bar. As the name suggests, it is a charming little cabinet, with the perfect dimensions so that you can easily integrate it into our decoration and at the same time we have enough space to accommodate the maximum number of bottles to organize.

This design is the BDI desktop. As you can see in the picture, it is made of walnut wood and is available in two different shades, one clear and one darker. In general, it maintains a modern aesthetic and creates a balance in terms of functionality. Previously, large dining room furniture incorporated a hinged door to store bottles, but new minimalist dining rooms try to find space with modular pieces that are very balanced in number and, therefore, it is difficult to find space to form our little bar.

For this reason, furniture like this Corridor Bar is touted as the best choice because not everyone likes to drink and in this way everyone can buy little or no bar furniture. The design allows it to integrate easily into all types of decorations, whether in the living room, the kitchen or the entrance. Its aesthetic is elegant and leaves no indication of the convenience it hides.

The cabinet consists of two doors that open to reveal a complete storage space: we thus obtain horizontal wine rack, glass holders, shelves for glass sets or oversized bottles. In addition, the doors also have slots to store more bottles and even to store our drinking glasses in the highest area. Finally, we also have drawers to store the rest of the necessary tools, as well as the cooler.

The surface of the cabinet is protected by very resistant black fiberglass, so that we can use it as a work surface when preparing our cocktails and cocktails. The image speaks for itself: beauty and functionality are all that a compact design like this gives us, ideal for enjoying our favorite drinks without leaving the house. What do you think? Do you like this design to showcase your best bottles?