If you’ve always thought that it would be great to have a minibus at home, today we’re going to show you some ideas to inspire you to make it as your next corner.

mini bar

Have a minibar at home It’s an idea that a lot of people will have crossed their minds. However, due to lack of time, lack of creative proposals on which to draw or because it is an accessory piece of furniture constantly pushed back to another era, their project has not yet come to fruition. Today we want to inspire you to get down to business and make your own minibus cabinet or inspire you with other ideas for shopping for everything you need to have a special corner at home to enjoy with your family and friends.

The first thing you should ask yourself create a minibar This is only if you deserve a particular space, or if it will be enough for you to place a piece of furniture in the living room or the living room that will perform the necessary functions to store the drinks and be able to prepare them there if necessary. Both options can be functional, although one is more impressive than the other and, of course, the space you need for each of the scenarios is very different.

Get inspired to have a minibus at home!

  1. Think bigIf you are clear that the wait for the minibar has to be made up for in some way, I suggest you think big. How? ‘Or’ What? Instead of just sticking to a bar cabinet, all you can do is design a space exclusively for it. A leisure area separated from the rest by a curtain, a screen or, if you have space, a partition. Of course, this is not a project that can be done anywhere, but if you have the chance it could be a great idea.
  2. It transforms an auxiliary room into a minibus: the auxiliary furniture is thus given because it allows to give complementary uses to those who have the main furniture. Although there are many on the market designed for special purposes, it is becoming more and more common in modern decor to turn the tables and find various options for their use. So, for example, you can turn an auxiliary hall into a minibus without creating inconvenience.
  3. The classic server optionIf you don’t want to complicate your life and are also clear that you want your bar cabinet to be able to move wherever you go, a waiter is what you need. It is a piece of furniture on casters that is still functional and, in case your guests are seated in a different place than where the bar cabinet is placed, that would not be a problem.
  4. Create your own bar cabinet: it is not difficult to make a bar cabinet if you know where to start. For example, you can use a plank of wood for the top and create four square shelves to store everything at the bottom. Even if you put doors in them, remember that they are now building the furniture that leaves everything because it provides transparency and allows you to achieve better results.
  5. Enter the fashion of wood and pallets: With updated pallet furniture, I think one of the more interesting minibar options for those who have never noticed at home is to bet precisely on wood as an alternative. In this sense, you will only need to use recycled fruit crates that will allow you to lift your bar cabinet. If you prefer, you can combine the use of a pallet or directly purchase the furniture you imagine by contacting several suppliers who do everything to measure.

Have you ever thought install a minibar at home bet on one of these ideas? Or are you one of those who wait a little longer until you find the money and time to go into business and create a recreation space for those many dream of? The truth is, if you can choose well, you will be able to do it with less money and in less time than you expect. Just start doing. And from day one you will have to take the plunge to create that piece you have long dreamed of, go ahead and do it now!

Photo: African Studio

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