Portuguese designer Marco Sousa creates a set of furniture that evokes music, his instruments and everything they evoke in different ways


Marco Sousa is a Portuguese designer born in the city of Porto with a long international experience. Sousa’s work is distinguished by its beauty and originality, its collection of furniture inspired by the vast cultural richness of the various communities living around the world. Through his creation, Sousa expresses everything he has experienced, seen and learned during his travels across the planet.. You can see the diversity of art, cultural expressions and the most diverse traditions through this contemporary aesthetic furniture.

The Portuguese designer shows a a clear interest in music as the most international art, as well as his great ability to express and express thoughts and feelings that cannot be transmitted in any other way. Thus, the various characteristics such as rhythm, harmony, melody and color of sounds inspired the unique creation of a collection worthy of description.

  • peaceful It is a table inspired by traditional South Pacific music and its unique geography is reflected in the general configuration of its forms. The different islands bring their own style of music to life by developing a distinctive sound, however, geographic exchange leads to geographic mobility and the mixing of different types of music when drinking together. The table is made up of three shelves arranged radially and with different heights, bringing dynamism and originality to the whole. The rosewood wood finish is contrasting and fits into a stainless steel structure that acts as a supporting skeleton. The choice to choose between different finishes is given in high gloss varnish, rosewood or rosewood.
  • Asset it refers to one of the oldest musical instruments in existence. The trumpet also has a very attractive aesthetic which Sousa makes great use of on this impressive side table. The trumpet became very popular when the musician Louis Armstrong appeared on the music scene, in his hands this wind instrument took on a new position, and for this reason it is closely related to the further development of jazz music. The delicacy of the design never abandons the strong personality expected from a piece of these attributes.

The gold-plated brass supporting structure directly references the trumpet in a manner that is both obvious and elegant. For him, the large deep black table top is made of lacquered wood with a glossy finish and emphasizes a clean shape along a line that crosses it.

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  • Semba It is a style of traditional Angolan music and it is the name given to this original wooden bench or side table which clearly refers to the African roots that inspire it.
  • Organ is the name of the elegant table lamp designed by Sousa inspired by organ shapes. This instrument is traditionally associated with religious music because of its acoustic qualities which make it a perfect accompaniment to solo voices and choirs. Likewise, throughout the history of this instrument, some designs have seen the light that has become a real gem, almost main characters in some temples. The lamp consists of four inverted pyramids in various wood and metal finishes that clearly refer to the materials, as well as organ pipes as the basic elements of its structure.
  • Where is It is an elegant console that refers to the style of Western cinema. As a unique way to explore American history, the 19th century on the New Continent provided Western culture with a rich way to look at its past. From film and television viewing to old radio stories and genre literature, they have created their own aesthetic that integrates painting, music and other arts. With a polished black and white lacquer finish on a polished stainless steel base, this console seeks to bring back that unique style of the American West.

The large dining table Harp it refers to another of the oldest instruments known centuries before Christianity. Originally created from hunting wild boars, this stringed instrument has been perfectly crafted over the centuries to become a refined and complex instrument with great honesty. This elegant table takes the harp as a benchmark to deliver that elegant, contrasting and shiny finish.

Three and image: Mario Sousa

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