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Furnishing a living room is almost always the most expensive part of the house. Especially if you take into account that you should always include a good television in this “bundle”. While the prices are pretty good right now, especially now that all the stores have launched Black Friday deals, they all add up. And precisely, by arranging this room in the apartment that I bought, today I would like to share with you some of these tips that I have learned through experience. Are youYou want to get a chaise longue meridian for less than 500 euros?

a meridian are sofas with a corner A very practical corner piece of furniture for sitting down while watching TV, for relaxing halfway up, or even for climbing stairs. In addition, thanks to its size and shape, it is easier to accommodate more people in the same room. Some even come with ottomans that you can use when more guests arrive than you originally expected. But if you do a quick search for these sofas on the net, the prices are likely to skyrocket. The truth is, looking for a lounge chair is almost like looking for a Nordic style. Everything goes up in price. So, to spend more than expected, I recommend a few options for this type of sofa for less than 500 euros.

Logically, I found the suggestions that I am making to you as options for my apartment. In my case, I was looking for a mid-length cheese, giving me options to accommodate more people at specific times and with a design that suits my living room with a Nordic-modern inspiration in gray-green tones. However, the webpage suggestions I make can help you find other designs in case you are looking for something else in particular.

Comfortable modern chair vessel

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Single Sale is one of those pages that I have already mentioned to you in previous articles about renovating my apartment. The truth is, this is a find for me because of their great promotion. In this case, my suspicions adhered to this tolg because it seemed to me a very modern model, as well as comfortable due to the different seat settings. In addition, the gray color that matches it perfectly matches what I was looking for. It’s not the one I finally joined, but if you will, it costs less than $ 500. Exactly it comes out at 449.90 euros on its official page.

Perfect chair for my living room

lounge chair-free-current-design-gray-228-cm

I changed my routines today to leave my favorite last. i stayed with him this sofa not only in terms of design content, but also practicality. Its chest and puffs make it a very comfortable and flexible choice. At the same time, cleaning is not a real problem that can be removed. For this reason, and for its color, which corresponds exactly to what I was looking for, it is the sofa that will furnish my living room. I promise you a photo as soon as it arrives! Where do I buy it? You can get it in total savings

On Amazon there are also sofas


It has been my first choice for a long time. The fact that it is turn into bed and that he combined two colors that I loved. Its price too, the cheapest of those I recommend. However, the ottomans that came with the one I chose eventually won, and the storage chest seemed too handy to lose. Since I live on my own and have three bedrooms, I think I will have more than enough beds most of the time. You can have it for 289 euros here.

Ikea also has solutionslugnvik-sofa-bed-with-chaise-longue-black__0136297_PE293687_S4

The truth is, while I think Ikea is one of the go-to stores for home decorating, I don’t do so much in the sofa business. Most of the time, their prices seem crazy to me. However, they have a choice that suits their promise lounge chair in your living room for less than 500 euros. With the model you see above these lines, one of the most basic, you could add 349 euros to your living room. You want it? See official page.