Halloween shadow

The date is slowly approaching as we all wait … a traditional Halloween or Halloween Party is about to return to fill homes with the scares, horrors, jokes and candy we have already talked about in previous articles. Today we just want to tell you about this awesome idea that could be a key part of your decor. If you still didn’t know how to cook a terrible atmosphere at home, check out this insulting chair designed by Yaara Derkel! The image speaks for itself … scary, right?

The chair is shown, like any usual seat, but no. It has been done with the subtleties and the holes necessary for it to create a monstrous shadow when placed in front of a bright fireplace, with a poor aspect of the face.. Do you think it is very suitable? Yes of course. On this night of horror, witches, spiders and pumpkins are not the only decorative motif we can play with to surprise our visitors. A punch with its own face can be our punch: place it at the entrance of the house, or prepare it in a central place where everything is dark except a point of light … and make sure your visitors everything throughout this step!

It crosses me that we could put it in a path that needs to be walked through so that the kids themselves can personally pick up their well-deserved candy. There will certainly be a scream! An inspiring chair that shows us how important our furniture can be on Halloween night. We will have to continue to investigate monstrous decorative accessories and, most importantly, bet on the creepy hobby of shadows. It is without a doubt one of the scariest projects of the year.

The chair in question is called Coppélius. Who likes to put it in their furniture? Remember the chair will continue to be with us on Halloween and can scare us in the middle of the night if we manage to drink the water, but I think this is the fair price we should be paying, You do not think ? A new idea to add to the list of things for this great evening of October 31st that will surprise everyone. As one could say sexually, the big hoot on Halloween night!

Photo: Chrys Omori