At the London Design Festival 2014, designer Sebastian Cox presented his latest collection of wooden furniture. It is a series of wooden pieces from the young stems of hazelnuts obtained through a traditional forest management procedure that takes place in the UK. These young branches have always been considered as waste because of their characteristics far removed from those traditionally required for obtaining wood. Cox now collects this waste to transform it into production material.

Cox calls himself a wood lover who knows the beauty of all species and has a special appreciation for hazelnuts. To highlight his choice of wood of this type, the designer has created this simple collection.

The set consists of eight pieces that combine the top ash planks with the legs made from these young, unfinished hazelnut stems. This very natural treatment that Cox decides to give to his furniture allows to preserve the beauty of the wood as it is in nature since, at the level of the furniture legs, the pieces practically retain the bark unlike the smooth and well polite. dashboards and seats.

A bench and another stool, as well as the tea table follow a similar organization in its structure and finishes, and, on its own, a ladder-shaped hanger for towels and other clothes, the wood uses hazel wood raw on the different stages. The long side posts that support these steps are made of ash wood.

In addition to this most popular piece of furniture, Sebastian Cox also likes others more attached to a simple decoration like an original chandelier with circular ash base showing a series of circular wreaths on their surface in which the hazel wood candle holders are embedded. These posts are drilled at the top and covered with colored metal to integrate the candle. The presence of the candlesticks and the carved lower part leaving the upper band in which the natural bark of the wood is preserved is very aesthetic.

Three videos and one video: Sebastian Cox