TV stand

A few decades ago The TV cabinet was essential in the living room. In fact, if you visit one of the outdated floors, it is more than usual to find a simple table for the television and for the large pieces of furniture in the dining room. All these dishes were kept there like gold on a tea towel, and most of the decoration was cutlery and glassware. Little by little, the habit changed, as the meeting room extended from the dining room to the room itself. And from there, the compositions were visible, those that brought the displays, shelves and drawers to the home.

Currently, however, the the composition of the piece it is no longer seen as well in Nordic and minimalist environments. In most floors that show this trend, a TV table is chosen as the heart of the living room itself. And precisely in this wandering between one and the other, I spent a few days tackling my personal project: a second-hand apartment. In fact, I had a hard time making up my mind, especially when I saw the space I had after removing the previous furniture. And today I will tell you what I did and why. It might be useful if you find the same thesis!

The aesthetic merits of the TV cabinet and the composition of the living room

If you keep one living room composition -There are some very nice ones – you will have a more “complete” room. It is true that this type of furniture even more emphasizes the room and, at the same time, gives much more comfort. There is more space to put things away, and the living room can be a great place to tidy up things. It is also true, however, that loading the part into the largely use area can be aesthetically counterproductive. In fact, the most enjoyable environments today are built to the minimum. If the TV table you choose is wide, you can place many things that you normally need in the living room in its drawers or in the lower shelves. Plus, you can always choose to complete the whole thing with storage ottomans.

As if all this were not enough, it is very difficult to find a living room composition with Nordic style at an affordable price. I searched a few stores, not to mention the websites I ended up visiting. In fact, none of the proposals were less than 400 euros. However, TV tables in this decorative style were available for less than 100 euros. Obviously, the price, the next attribute that I analyze, is also an important variable.

Combine by price

If we speak in economic terms – which is always important – it is true that no matter how cheap it is, the composition of the living room will always be more expensive. Of course, in terms of storage and investment over time, it will become more profitable. This means that a lot of it will depend on the budget you have, but also your specific needs. If you have a lot of things to store, it will be pointless to wait for the minimalist concept of the TV table because you will have to think about changing it over time. However, if all of these things can have another space in the house, the A TV table can be a nice and inexpensive option.

My final choice: TV cabinet

For my apartment, especially for a an economic and practical question (I don’t have a lot of things to store in the living room), I finally opted for the TV table option. In my case, I chose a 1.80 meter model, because I only have 2.10 meters available on the front, since the wall is in the corner. It fits me perfectly and you just have to wait for the TV I ordered to arrive for everything to be perfect. As usual when I tell you about this project, I promise you a photo as soon as I have everything assembled.

Are you already convinced that betting on the TV cabinet in your apartment living room is the best solution? Or are you one of those classics that you dare not give up the composition of the piece?