Indra shelf

For those of you who have always loved versatile furniture that seems to have a life of its own, I bring you this vibrant, Bradley Bowers designed booklet. It is a freestanding shelf framed like a sculpture, which maintains a frenzy of straight lines, connected without order, generates this first impression that we are in front of a small monument. Then we look at each of the support points created between line and line and we realize that it is an original shelf.

His name is Indra and we can have a lot of fun looking at the picture and thinking about the parts of the set where we can put our things. Due to the size of the shelves, this cabinet is basically a bookcase, as the books can be placed on a slope, up, horizontally, vertically … and we have a few placement options on this shelf. Although its capacity is quite large, if you do not want to eat the design of this shelf, It is advisable not to overfill all the spaces provided. In the second image I leave you can see how it was put to good use, following the lines of the design and allowing the shelf to be the main character.

Indra is a shelf for those who want to innovate at home, for those who are fed up with ordinary shelves and who want all their furniture to be utilitarian but also aesthetic at home. In addition, its placement on the ground allows it to give it a third function, since we can even use it as a room divider, maybe to isolate a reading nook with a comfy armchair and a lamp. If we are among those who do not have the privilege of having enough space at home, then we will have to step off the shelf and follow traditional guidelines. Nevertheless, the wild shape of this shelf will give the house all the originality you need.

Indra2 shelf

It can be used in the living room, the office or the living room, thanks to the sensitivity of the material in which it is built: Oriented Strand Board (OSB), a building material based on the overlap of wood chips, with unique structural and visual qualities which offers a series of movement and dynamics for the whole.

Photos: Indra official website