Melamine or melamine material is more and more present in the world of interior decoration and many furniture and designs have this constitution, especially for DIY work that can be done yourself from home, most of these pieces of furniture are made from melamine panels. We will now explain what: these are plates with a very damaging base and a layer of laminated plastic, which forms what is called an entire shelf, but with special characteristics, these are the ones I have described. These boards have different qualities and different thicknesses; the better the coating and the greater the thickness, the better the material we will be working with.

When we venture to create our own furniture, we follow very basic structures which give us flexibility and convenience, and are easy to put together. Before assembling and purchasing parts, we need to come up with our own building plan that will guide us through the process. This plan brings together the different pieces that are part of the furniture, whether to make a simple shelf, furniture, kitchen furniture, etc. Among those parts that should be in the construction plans of melamine furniture we find the sides or side boards of the furniture, the bottom and top board (if any) and from there we will give details of all the sections that will be the furniture, for each of them we will have separation shelves, doors if cupboards, railings if it is a chest of drawers, and a rear at the end, if we want to have it. All of these parts will be detailed and listed on the construction plan for easy identification.

There are a lot of projects that we can do with melamine panels, you can do a little research on the network and You will receive a first video tutorial where they will teach you how to make all kinds of furniture for the home, all made with the same material. and take one of those building plans we talked about as a starting point. However, if you dare with your imagination and intelligence, all you need to do is be aware of your needs and create a piece of furniture that is tailor-made and personalized for your situation. In this business, I advise you to buy thick boards so that you can fix them later with long screws.

Photo / Vaderluck