I like to party. It will be because a bottle of champagne is always ready to open, and not expecting it is something we all want. Or so I think. I usually volunteer to remove the cork and pour the first squirt of foam into the crystal glasses. And then, when they are all served and seated at the table, I find myself playing with the thread to hide the cap of the bottle, you never started to make figurines by twisting it? Yes of course.

And it’s this champagne bottle stopper that makes it more fun than you might imagine. For lovers of this type of sparkling drink, we can now transfer our passion to decorate our home. I’m not talking about recycling bottles into vases, but about playful furniture developed by Mini Garibay, a Mexican designer who worked with cork for the firm Beat Collection. This material is becoming fashionable and big chains like IKEA are recreating their Sinnerlig collection.

In this case, I am talking about a collection of eco-friendly stools, made with one hundred percent Portuguese cork. There are three different seat models in this collection: one is the thread that covers the bottle cap; another is inspired by the traditional cork stopper and the last seat is a large wine bottle stoppers display, deduced from the shape and names of the wine regions appearing printed on the cork.


Due to its size, this collection of stools can be used as a seat or also as a side table for certain moments. Each of them responds to different decorative styles that express their own personality and offer obvious advantages over other types of chairs. The fact that they are made of cork gives them a stealthy gift, since the stools can be moved around quietly., as would happen with other topics. It is a collection, without a doubt, worth seeing and, if you wish, it is also worth putting in a corner of the city. What do you think?

Their prices are a bit high: 122 €, 127 € and 161 €, and you can buy them on the Beat Collection site. As I always say in these cases, no one said art was cheap …