What an imaginary mess of such a design. It’s the creativity of Duffy London that feels like something out of a fictional movie. It is an ordinary round table, large in size, supported by a four-foot platform. The seat attached to the table has originality and this time is integrated into the design of the table. Concretely, they are swings: movable seats which hang from their respective ropes and are located around the whole table.. The user can sit in the chair and feel the freedom of movement, against the static sensor offered by a common seat, and use the table in comfort.

It doesn’t take much effort to get a great comparison of this table with a big round or circular wheel. The table is completely innovative. It may be a more suitable and useful design for your office or business than your private home, but it would be worth highlighting as a suggested idea. The seats do not allow the same back and forth movement as a normal swing, but they do we can take advantage of its great flexibility by standing on it and moving from side to side.

There are disadvantages. First of all, the large space occupied by the table, given the incredible structure that accompanies it to hold up to the exact surface height and at the same time swivel chairs. It should be noted in favor of the design that in this way the user can take advantage of all the lower space of the table, which is much appreciated when positioning the legs or cleaning the floor, without obstructing the central legs or something like that. The other minor downside to this genitive is that the seats are attached to the table frame, which means they can’t be moved, and we can’t use them as additional seats in other rooms, either. . On the other hand, we can underline that because they are high, the space is given more space, more cleaning comfort and, if necessary, we can always place the seats on the table. In addition, these seats are usable in terms of color.

We would personally try it out to find out how comfortable or uncomfortable it is to be sitting on each of these swings. If the table is intended for meals, recreational activities or short stay moments, it may be suitable; but in the case of long meetings … it can be dangerous for us.

Despite everything, a thunderous applause for the genitive.