Ikea wireless furniture

You have surely thought more than once about what to do with so much cable. We live in a time when gadgets, appliances and consumer electronics join us in our everyday life. They make it easier for us and we couldn’t live without them, but the cables you see around the house aren’t the best decoration. It is true that many companies promise much more aesthetic chargers, but also cable organization systems. But what if you want to hide them completely?

Well the solution to this cable problem that I think we’ve all crossed our minds before. It is true that in many cases we will have taken precautions and done everything to conceal them. But I don’t think you have achieved what the Swedish furniture store presents to us in their new collection. What we see in the image above, and also on the Ikea site and in physical stores, are the recommendations of furniture and auxiliaries where the cables pass thanks to the wireless chargers embedded in this cabinet. What do you think of the proposal?

a Togra Ikea it’s very attractive, and it seems very practical to us. In addition, it fixes an issue that not only does not go away, but grows every day as the number of users with widgets increases and the number of widgets we have increases. Even in my case, it occurred to me that the number of outlets and their location are completely obsolete in rented apartments and hotel rooms. So, Ikea is not only the first to launch a campaign with furniture that comes standard with wireless chargers in the furniture, but this is precisely the idea that many of us would like to have.

In all cases, the proposed furniture must be considered Ikea in this new catalog proposal it is only compatible with mobile phones, tablets and other devices. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your head can be charged this way, while also checking to see if there are any accessory options to charge lest it be compatible as standard.

What about the formula for forget about cables What does Ikea recommend to us?