two-tone sofas

Interior design is changing at a breakneck pace, but betting on the most innovative trends could go out of style in no time. In this sense, it is convenient to give a nod to anyone who can be proud of having objects and furniture that last much longer without becoming obsolete. This is precisely the bet we choose today when we talk about living room sofas. With chair ships in full swing, the color combinations start as a differentiation for a trendy living room.

If you are clear that one of these sofas is the next one you have in your living room, also know that those that combine two colors are the most recommended. Not only will they give your space an innovative and modern touch, but you will also add a more edgy look to your living room. If you bet on combining them with pumpkins and a floor lamp similar to the one in the picture, and add a modern coffee table, you will get a very simple and functional result that will turn your living room into a design stay without spending too much money.

The truth is, two-tone sofas are everywhere. They are aimed at everyone, to those who do not leave the black & white style, to those who prefer brown tones that contrast with oranges and gold, or to those who believe in a world of colors and are encouraged to create many patterns in their life. . However, there is an even more elegant trend that is starting to take hold and which has until then focused on designer furniture: the jumpsuits in shadows using piping.

a piping sofas they give the possibility of combining two colors in a more modest way. While there are trims for the incredibly striking ones, most current models go for modern designs with explosive sides and relatively minimalist trims using contrasting colors. If the same contrast is used in accessories such as cushions or rugs in the same room, a very interesting result can be achieved in the decoration of the room. The best of all? These types of chairs are suitable for all budgets.