The most modern and original design can already be found in the new creation of Kalpakian shawls. Three-dimensional effects are becoming more and more relevant and now transcend the art of interior design to leave a piece of furniture that contradicts human vision. Everything is in the work of this Lebanese artist from the design studio La Chance: the free-standing shelf recreates the 3D effect give it another characteristic.

There is no depth on the shelf, which you will see well in the pictures, supported by various inclined planes and a play of light and shadow. It is a very attractive piece of furniture due to its appearance, as it manages to generate this triple dimension and amazes you as soon as you see it for the first time.

There are several geometric rooms on the shelf, rectangular in shape. More precisely, there are 6 holes where we can put books and magazines, be able to use the high surfaces to place lamps, decorative vases or important objects at hand like a mobile and keys. For its utility I would say that it is the ideal piece of furniture to put in the hall, although we can use it as part of the living room or other room in the house.

The variety of colors (black, blue and gray) allows it to better adapt to our space and decoration. Depending on the position from which we stand in front of the cabinet, the perspective will change. Furniture of different sizes plays by creating a globe in a scene if we stand in front of it, but if we see it from the side, we are looking at another reality. It is made of stainless steel, which makes it a solid and cohesive piece of furniture, as well as having a very resistant paint coating.

You just need to know the name of this artistic creation. His name is Rocky! A good name for a beautiful design, right? You can go to the official website and enjoy amazing photos and other surprises for its successful 3D effect. What do you think of a piece of furniture with these characteristics? Would you put it in your homes to make sense? What room would you put it in? For now, I’ll stick to the yes and the black finish.