We often talk about furniture that can be applied in our home to give it a more modern style, to save space or just change your style. And we don’t usually talk about what the future and technology can do for our homes. But we all know that sci-fi movies show us houses where the style we find ourselves in is very different from what we know today.

Little by little, luckily, we are about to see how this future reaches our homes. And this thanks to cutting-edge furniture and even robotics. It is what we just found in the form of the Ori, a project designed by Yves Behar at the MIT Media Lab which offers a robotic piece of furniture that finds its inspiration in the folds representing origami figurines (hence the name chosen).

The intention of this piece of furniture is to provide a new ease of selection of components for small apartments, although the philosophy is also there. be applicable with good results to any other type of house. We will save space with your system and automate various processes, such as the resource which is heavily used to make the bed each day.

But we explain it better. The furniture is represented in the form of a block with an interior consisting of various elements. We can all fold it and glue it to the wall to save space, but as soon as it moves under our control, it moves around the room and makes, for example, the bed. A double bed which, once the furniture is folded up, is made by itself and fully assembled. You can also choose the method with the folded bed, even if the furniture has been moved from its original place. This leaves a space between the wall and the cabinet used to give a laptop a tabletop look. We can take care of putting a chair to be comfortable.

This type of furniture they can be personalized in color and design, it therefore adapts to any type of home in a very practical way. So far it is being shown to the whole world with the intention of going on sale next year 2017. We may soon have this type of furniture in the home given its practicality.

Three: Ori Systems