Surely you had one of those wonderful stories or children’s stories that have no letters, only 3D scenarios that are put together in a folded fold with the book opening on one of its pages. With a simple assembly of cardboard sheets, a three-dimensional representation is displayed. Well that just seems like a story, now it’s transferred to interior design to see if it can be found to be of more use than surprise and appreciation. I present to you the first assembled furniture.

Can you imagine being able to set up a complete dining room just by opening two pages of a book? And put everything together so easily, close the pages? Something like that is what Liddy Scheffknechts tried to do with this pop-up cabinet. You can easily understand the idea just by looking at the photo. The furniture almost looks like a magic sign. They are a clear imitation of the pop-up children’s books I mentioned before, but with a great mode of representation. Large enough to accommodate a full living room. And is this Developing these two sheets of cardboard is a complete set of full-size furniture, with its tables, chairs and accessories.

Of course, everything is made of the same material and that worries me a bit about the resistance of the furniture. I think the careful design will take into account all the safety parameters that allow us to sit on the cardboard chairs or eat at the table. Otherwise, it would just be an easy way to set up a step, but without more features.

Cardboard certainly doesn’t seem to offer much strength and if it can be bent so easily I’m afraid it won’t support too much weight. But this ingenious invention surprises us a second time. At least it deserves a place among the most original designs. The idea, if it combines all the necessary factors, would be great to be able to provide any space in seconds, like a camping trip. With the advent of heat and our early vacation itineraries, this type of pop-up suitcase may become an unsustainable option for outfitting an exterior without carrying excessive weight or bulky furniture. What do you think?