Tips for ordering and beautifying your kitchen

Sometimes keeping a kitchen tidy can be very difficult and even one of the most difficult household chores to accomplish perfectly, however, we give you the best as a gift from heaven. suggestions for organizing a kitchen.

The main trick of these suggestions is to create a habit and not to be complicated, because the idea is that everyone sees it as easy and even fun by embarking on this incredible plan that will bring the much-requested pleasure to our house and especially to our kitchen.

This article is for you, whatever the dimensions of your kitchen, all our advices can correspond to you perfectly and your kitchen. We won’t be very busy here, we won’t be talking about large spaces or big investments, so you can take notes with confidence.

Find out everything you don’t need

Many times we recycle so much that we completely neglect the order of our kitchen, therefore. it is very important to complete this first step be able to go on and do a good job.

Take care to make a list of things that you no longer need, you may not need to throw anything away, you can use these things in other spaces, give them material uses or even give them to someone who will really give it a real function, the main thing about it is do not store merchandise that you will not use.

Everything in its respective place

There are people who use kitchen spaces to store things that have nothing to do with that space, remember if you are trying to organize a kitchen it is over time. find another place for broken things, toys, chairs, radios and damaged buildings that shouldn’t be there.

Imagine a better place for these things, maybe they are small things, but it’s not important, but you might need this space for this plan and it is crucial that you can follow it to the letter.

Parts of our kitchen

It’s time to take this new control plan more seriously, we are about to enter our kitchen and we are going focus on each space, one by one, where we analyze its functions, use and transformation.

– Fridge

Focus on a better place for it, if it’s the one you see covers a space where something more essential may be needed, replace it swap your seat, and try to be adequate, easy and practical. In this we have to imagine each space and we will work on its divisions, let’s try as much as possible do not mix vegetables with other products, because in addition to the order, this is necessary so that each of them retains its original smell, origin and characteristics.

– Office

If you are one of the people who have this space in your kitchen and there is another space for family dining, there is time to remove it completely. This task might not be easy because you shared a cup of tea or coffee there, but think the place that covers this table is awesome, not to mention the chairs and the like. This space would be extremely useful for other tools.

– Food

It should always be kept clean and organized, with no tools on top that are not currently in use. You may find it simpler, but the point is you keep things on top or even inside an oven and This is something you shouldn’t do specifically.

Classification, labeling and storage

This part of our proposals for a new methodology will therefore be more practical and easier to work with. highlight these three in your notes because we are sure that they will serve you and delight you for the rest of your life.

We are about to open all the drawers of our food stores or distributors, we really get everything from all of them and from this point we will start to work.

Consider the following before you begin, you must put the materials you don’t use often behind, and the usual ones in front. The low sections will be placed in the first row so as to avoid covering the highs left at the bottom. so that everything is visible to the naked eye.


We share our first warehouse with the most frequent products in our daily life, these can be rice, pasta and all that we eat daily, maintain order of heights at all times that we mentioned previously. The following may be packed with condiments and all those strong smelling items, avoid this order food packaging does not have a specific smell.


Everything is simpler when everything is marked with its name, no need to buy new containers with stamps marked on each product, Now is the time to get creative. Remembering us at the start of packaging recycling, now is the perfect time to take advantage. If you have little ones at home, now is a good time for them to get involved in ordering your kitchen, they can mark each container with colors, photos and even drawings.


We have already located a few shelves, however, it’s good to think about the perfect place for our creative packaging, a unique place where everyone will have their name and will be in an excellent ranking. This space is ideal for salt and sugar, as these are ingredients that we use so often They should be as close as possible to your kitchen and your hands so that everything is in better shape.