Why is it good to have breakfast for more than 10 minutes?

a breakfast it is the most important meal of the day. In addition to energy and nutrients needed it has equal value for your activities mental and emotional stability.

Yes, believe it or not, over 10 minutes is spent on a healthy, full breakfast. And if you say that you do not take this time for yourself, after knowing some interesting facts, you will understand our idea well.

How is Spain for breakfast?

If you say you don’t take more than 10 minutes for breakfast, we absolutely believe you.

The reason is that a recent study on food trends in Spain, andl In a knee barometer on eating habits, it was noted that 42% of Spaniards consider them to be important this food. Also, only one 24% admit that he doesn’t eat breakfast every day from lack of appetite.

However, among those who eat breakfast daily, the 38% spend less than 10 minutes on it. While 64% do it alone, watching on the phone (25%) or watching TV (31%). And you have to believe the following: it all has to do with the ultimate impact.

How is the Spanish breakfast?

Apart from all that, you need to know how healthy a Spanish breakfast is. The result suggests that 1 respondent in 2 consider that eating breakfast in an “unhealthy” way.

  • 22% integrate the results.
  • Makes 15% toast with oil or tomatoes.
  • 16% choose crushed juices.
  • Drink 12% infusions.
  • Ingest 12% water.

a The perfect Spanish dish for breakfast It is coffee and something sweet. 68% said they had ingested this drink and 72% have something sweet on hand. The cookies are option # 1 and # 2 is toasted with butter and jelly.

The indices don’t change much over the weekend. Between Saturday and Sunday, 29% don’t always eat breakfast. Ar 54%, is the reason for the lack of appetite and the 3.4% is the get up very late.

Eat breakfast for more than 10 minutes: why?

Your health! Besides the importance of serving fiber and protein, breakfast can even influence your mood. And that does more than a lack of energy.

You will have more concentration And you intellectual performance will work better. Besides your mood will be more pleasant, because you avoid periods of stress, anxiety and hunger.

More than 10 minutes are devoted to a healthy breakfast for more than a biological need. You will end up feeling tired, and also, you will control your appetite avoid binge eating which then affects your weight.