The refrigerator has been thoroughly cleaned

Everyone knows that tires like to clean up or even more, which is why always looking for new ways to clean every corner, new means that make this task easier for us.

Housework usually starts very early, only ends at night, chores that need to be done in a house is really very diverseWe start with the interior for its cleanliness (living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.) and then for the exterior (garage and garden).

It is important to mention that there is a specific task it doesn’t happen all the time but it actually takes a lot of work, and that’s cleaning the refrigerator.

How to properly clean the refrigerator?

The first thing to do to start cleaning the refrigerator is all you have to do is empty it and unplug it, Undoubtedly, it will make you feel calm while cleaning, you will not waste energy.

1) Take everything out of the fridge

In order to be able to thoroughly clean your refrigerator, it is very important to remove everything inside. After that take out all your shelves and dividers and wash them, then add them to dry.

2) Clean tires and coolant doors

To complete this step you can use a sponge, water and baking soda, this will allow you to remove all kinds of dirt that are in the most difficult places.

3) Use specialized cleaning products for refrigerators

There are many vinegar and lemon products that will help you clean your fridge, make it into something new.

4) Use a soft scouring pad instead of the sponge

To clean all the walls of the refrigerator, we need an item that will not be thrown away, so the best option for this is a scouring pad.

5) Remove any product you have sprayed on the refrigerator with a damp cloth

This way you can be sure to completely remove the material you have sprayed.

6) After fixing each drawer, clean it from the outside

The exterior of the refrigerator is often overlooked. To do this properly, all you have to do is remove any type of magnet from the doors, front or sides.

7) make a homemade air freshener

There are many ways to make them, these will prevent bad smells inside refrigerators.