Species, world of flavorsSpices are like magic powders that can turn a mediocre dish into a wonderful dish. Spices add flavor, color and flavor to our dishes. Most are from the Middle East and each country uses them differently.

New Delhi (India) has the world’s largest major species market and in Turkey the market is in the bazaars and in addition to countless species there are also fruits and nuts, seeds and roots.

What species?

But what is a species? Species are vegetables that contain aromatic substances and essential oils. From the Latin species, a species of plant origin is a species used to season and preserve food. These are the seeds or bark of aromatic plants although the leaves of herbs are sometimes used. The species, as well as used in cooking, is used in naturopathic medicine, just as healers did many years ago.

Today cash is now an essential ingredient in most cuisines, season salads, stews, soups, sauces, cakes and drinks.

Types of species and their uses

What would paellas be without saffron? Saffron is a very expensive species to get half a kilogram of sawdust, you need 40 kilograms of flower of saffron. The sawn flower once benefits from the stigmas of saffron. Its aroma is powerful and its color makes our meals more enjoyable. It is cultivated in Spain. Italy. France, Iran and Kashmir. This species is rich in vitamin B2.

Its taste is sweet and spicy and its oil is used in digestive infusions. and flavoring syrups. Anise (matalauva or green anise) is a plant of the Umbellifera family and comes from Western Europe where it grows in the wild. The nuts of this plant contain a substance called anethole which is much sweeter than sugar.

Anise is widely used in Italian, French and Portuguese cuisine and Spain is its main producer. It is widely used in cakes and liqueurs such as Greek ouzo, Bulgarian mastika, and anise.

Cardamom or paradise scarlet is a perennial fruit plant native to India. Its fruit is a capsule and it contains between 15 and 23 very aromatic seeds, brown-black in color and covered with a layer of sweet taste. The fruits are sold in whole capsules, although they can sometimes be obtained as a powder, it is better not to buy them as their aroma wears off quickly.

Ancient Egyptians chewed cardamom after eating have good breath. In Africa, coffee is served with cardamom beans, and in many European countries it is used in tea, juices, and meat products.

Ceylon’s most respected chain. Cinnamon comes from the lower bark of the cinnamon or cinnamon tree which is cut around the age of three to give birth to young shoots. Cinnamon is a very white and very thin bark obtained by separating it from the upper reddish bark by cutting it until it acquires flat leaves 1m long. I know it gathers in spring and autumn when the branches are the most tender and the crust can be easily separated. Once these leaves are dried, they are assembled and rolled into cut tubes, this is how we sell them in the market.

Combine cinnamon with anise, vanilla, ginger and cardamom. It is used in pasta, cakes, rice, meat, and fruit salads. It is also used in sweets like apple pie, custard, ice cream. Hot chocolate also works well.

Vanilla is the fruit of a tropical orchid whose pulp and seeds are used as species. It is the second most expensive species after saffron. It is a species that gives a sweet and aromatic taste. In addition, vanilla is a calming, digestive, antioxidant.

THE.Vanilla is used in desserts and sweet preparations. It has digestive functions and is used to protect against gastric ulcer. Its scent is soothing.

Ginger It is used in the kitchen as a species and can be used fresh, canned, caramelized or dried. It has a strong and slightly sweet taste. It is a perennial plant with underground rhizomes

Cumin is the fruit of a plant native to Turkestan. It belongs to the family of umbellifera, which is why it is related to fennel and anise. Cumin has a slightly spicy taste and a very pungent aroma.

Dried cumin is more aromatic than fresh cumin, so it should be used in small amounts, but it is recommended to buy whole grains and crush the seeds just before placing them in the dish. Cumin is used in many cultures and in many dishes For example, in Morocco it is used in lamb dishes, in Mexico it is used to make chili con carne and in Holland Gouda is cumin cheese.

And you, what species do you use? Which do you prefer? Or are you the one who wants it all?