For small spaces, what better than a multifunctional piece of furniture similar to that offered by the firm Formica Group. This type of furniture can be integrated from two functions to three or even four as with this sofa. Nice sofa but sometimes, because Depending on our circumstances and needs, it may also include other items such as a table, bed or storage space. It seems amazing that so many functions can coincide with a single design, but we’ll check that out right away.

The sofa is always big enough to be able to keep secrets between its corners. And this Formica Group sofa is full of secrets. These are the most obvious two drawers at the bottom that are used to store all kinds of thingsLike those giant blankets always useful in winter, but you never know where to put them. It seems to me that the placement of the two drawers in the lower part is a very successful idea, because the sofas at the base usually have a large space that is completely wasted and a model like this shows us the great possibilities of use. .

Things get more interesting, although it might not be as original as it sounds and because it is true that this sofa can be turned into a bed, getting a sofa bed today is not a good idea. innovation. It is true, however, that not all models have this feature, so it still surprises us. To turn it into a bed, just fold down the sofa and we will have an extra bed quickly and comfortably for the house., suitable for when we have guests.

And we come to the last secret of this amazing design: in the backyard it features a small wooden shelf. If we remove the sofa (in case it is placed near the wall) we can elevate the shelf and have a small support space for studying, writing, reading and other basic tasks related to very small desk. As you can see, this sofa is four in one. Maybe its aesthetics are not its strong suit, but given that we can choose beautiful decorative cushions and paint the wood frame as we like, this Formica Group sofa is perhaps the most usable sofa on the market. . Do you like to?