folding chair

It is often the case that when we go looking for a folding chair for the house, we are faced with the problem that most of them are ugly or when one of these seats is seldom aesthetic, it appear to be of poor quality or some type of material that you know will break, rust, or become obsolete over time. And, when the ideal chair seems to overcome all these obstacles, we find that the major disadvantage is the comfort of the seat or the backrest. What a dilemma with folding chairs!

Is there a cool, useful and comfortable model? The truth is that there will be, or at least there will be many, when they discover the folding chair designed by David Irwin. The seat, you see in the photo, It is an avant-garde creation that combines elegant lines, the sobriety and discretion of laminated wood.. Folding chair with flat seat and concave backrest that gives an impression of comfort. Don’t you understand this meaning?

The truth is, the chair model reminds you of folding seats in a function room. With this contemporary air, the chair can adapt to any decor and can be used as a booster chair when we have a home visit. Even having a kitchen table can be a good option for having breakfast. The wood gives it a very attractive rusty touch, while the sensuality of the design brings it closer to more modern styles as I said before.

David Irwin therefore offers us an alternative to this world of folding chairs which, in general, does not convince us. The great advantage of these additional seats is their ability to be easily folded and hidden from view, without taking up much space., behind a door, in a cupboard or in the storage room. A characteristic common to all, but we lacked a clearer commitment to the quality, beauty and comfort of this type of folding seat. I bet David Irwin seems to have won for the time being, although we still have to sit in his wooden chair so that we can judge him with confidence.

If you like it, on this artist’s site you can find more details about this chair model and another selection of weird designs that are very beautiful.