Low table

Coffee tables are a difficult decision for the living room or the living room, because we leave simple pieces of wood, for others who bet on originality, others who seek the multifunction and then there are those who are already glamor and luxury with sophisticated materials. Certainly our tastes and needs will determine us, but without a doubt a coffee table to consider if we are thinking of buying one is the table designed by Reinier de Jong.

His name is Reck. This is what you see in the picture and it is at least elegant and original, because at the same time it is made of thick wooden planks, it also allows us to use different bearing surfaces following a different mechanism of it. tables practiced with. assistants. The table, all folded, imagines a rectangular table placed in the center of the living room, in fact able to bend various weapons, pulling wooden planks from inside the table, up to three times, which suddenly means that we get the surface of the main table, plus two new surfaces that expand the space to different heights, creating different seating areas.

Having a coffee or tea after eating is undoubtedly an ideal table, perfectly capable of gathering up to 8 people around it. A very imaginative solution that surprises Reinier Jong this time, through a piece of furniture that is minimalist without being minimalist fits perfectly into a modern style, highly adaptable to any style and decorative environment.

The Reck table reaches dimensions of 60 centimeters by 80 centimeters, but if you open all your arms, the surface increases up to 1.70 meters in length and 1.30 in width. Amazing table! Of course, you have to be away from the living room in this area to enjoy the table, because if we have very little space and it is difficult to open it completely, it is better to choose another coffee table. more modest. However, for anyone with a good seat in front of the sofa, this gorgeous table will bring the family together for snacks and friends on informal evenings.

PHOTO: reinierdejong.com