Again, convertible furniture can be the best solution for the use of space in any home. Clever design and the best ideas for changing spaces require a complete study of the possibilities of each room and an analysis of the best options required by each scenario.

Archival and library shelves give us a great lesson in functionality and the full use of space in a room. These are large shelving blocks that move on rails to provide the only existing aisle in the area required for each case. Based on this concept, the architecture studio PKMN created an interesting design solution for a small apartment in Madrid.

Everything in his own house It is a very interesting project that could be a perfect inspiration to improve the decoration in many houses with a lack of space. These are mobile shelves that move like the elements of the aforementioned bookcases to reveal the different functions of the house as needed.

It is clear that the functionality of the space is maximized and improved in such a limited space. The kitchen, the storage and the bedroom are located within this set of furniture which translates to the user’s taste to reveal these different functions.

The furniture is made of wood fiber panels and reveals the appearance of the material in a very natural way. These are planks made from the compression of small pieces of natural wood.

The rail system on which the assembly parts move is located on the ceiling and allows the shelves to move easily on small wheels. This method allows components to hang down, forming elements of space separation and allowing the floor to remain free and clean from rails, tracks or damage from constant friction.

In a demonstration of commitment to balance and the introduction of interesting elements that offer diversity, the house area has a patterned tiled floor which takes advantage of the movable shelving set which adds great beauty. For this, the other large space of the apartment gives its ensemble of symmetry and clear visual uniqueness to the whole and to the floor finished in the same pressed wood that the furniture looks like.

Three video and video: PKMN