The loan was created by Paul Loebach PEG chair, fully removable chair It is assembled without the need for adhesives, screws, nails, weak screws or any type of external support element.

It is an ingenious design that surprises with its simplicity in which you can even see a certain formal holiness. The chair consists of a total of eight pieces of birch wood an sculpted with CNC machines to achieve maximum precision until there. With a series of joints forming a tongue-and-groove system, the elements that make up the set are combined to shape the chair and provide it with great stability and strength sufficient to fulfill its mission.

It is impossible not to think about the future behavior of wood when all the parts are connected. If the chair is held together, the natural movements of the material will cause its continuous shrinkage and expansion derived from thermo-hygrometric changes, the joints becoming solid and practically welded with such force that the chair becomes an almost fixed structure. It is possible that over time the cabinet will lose its removable capacity, and the added functionality of the product will not be so great.

removable chair

In any event, the designer explored the area of ​​connections between rooms get a more interesting result. The project allows for serious reflection on the possibility of simplification and simplify everyday goods manufacturing processes synthesize your design in the most efficient way possible. Thus, Loebach succeeds in bringing the unit to life by means of pins and holes created with a measure that allows the perfect connection between the parts and gives shape to a structure as strong as it is resistant, completely assembled and deformed. ease and speed.

The designer seeks to compact the furniture as much as possible so that it can be packed in a flat packaging, convenient to transport and easy to store in any corner of the house. It’s about saving space in transportation and storage to streamline systems, getting rid of air-filled packaging, cardboard, and plastics that are so unnecessary and contaminated. Loebach seeks a smarter way to meet today’s needs and the result of this is this interesting removable chair.

Three images and image: Paul Loebach