Joseph Reginalla's bed

Usually with children’s rooms The goal is to be as original as possible, to color the rooms and find a way to have a good time. If the children are still children, try to find light, pleasant and warm tones that do not blind the little ones too much and, above all, do not make them uncomfortable. As the child grows up, you can look for a style that best suits their tastes and also makes them feel in a magical place that they feel involved in. But what we think is not recommended in any of the cases is to put a shark bed in the middle of the room.

To the toy designer Joseph Reginalla It sounded like a funny joke, so he designed a bed similar to the one we describe as a gift for one of his friends. He was inspired by the movie Jaws, a Spielberg classic released in the 70s that does not seem to go out of fashion.

And finally the bed is now a viral sensation on the net, where we can use your photo not only to see what should not be placed in our child’s room, but also to have a fun time. The idea came after making similar beds with more generic themes, like an airplane depicted as the bed the baby slept in.

As children know they remain indifferent to everything around them most of the time, he eventually finds out that the targeted child was surprised by the bed. We think you’ll continue to remember sleeping in the mouth of one of these powerful predators until you remember why a shark image isn’t exactly pleasing. In the bed in question, we see the shark opening its mouth wide, waiting for the ship to swallow as it happens in a scene from the film. And from what we see in the photos uploadedEverything indicates that the baby not only liked the bed, but also the family cat.

The original beds are great social media success, so we have no doubts but after the fame of the Jaws, another similar establishment will seem poised to succeed.

Three: Inquisitr