Check out this incredible design from the firm Aramith, a luxury product that has managed to blend the elegance of a dining table with the fun part of a pool table.


It is used more and more to see long tables in large living rooms which can fold up one of their arms or retract their entire surface to reveal an additional piece of table. But, what if that same function was for some other purpose, like hiding something under the surface of the table? What if this object was a game table? One billion ?

This is how it is presented the Fusion table you see in the picture, made in the USA. Using the original format of a pool table, it was possible to create a very elegant dining table, the same dimensions as the pool table, so that the two tables – one for eating and one for playing – s ‘fit perfectly into an individual design. A very interesting way to find space at home and enjoy a leisure space Everyone loves it, who doesn’t like to play billiards after eating?

I imagine the faces of my guests after dessert, as I move the table aside and turn it into a playroom. Moreover, the transformation is a quite simple process which is accomplished by removing the top surface. The table consists of three easy-to-remove wood panels exposing the beautiful pool table alive below. Those who are in high demand for this game will say that the table is not the most suitable for playing billiards because the height will not be suitable … but in view of this, the Fusion table also has a solution! All you have to do is lift each of the tables with your hands and the legs will be stretched with a simple system that will allow us to adjust the height in the right position to start playing. Isn’t that awesome?

Without a doubt, it is an ideal piece of furniture to integrate into the house of the biggest billiard fan. The problem is, as is often the case, the breathtaking price. This invention is a luxury product from the Aramith firm valued at around 7,000 euros., so it will certainly be more profitable for us to buy the two tables separately. Maybe in a while we will be able to find models as nice as the one presented here.


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