When it comes to choosing a style for our new furniture, we find it difficult to choose between a wide range of trends. Some of us destroy them almost by inertia, but sometimes we get caught between the rusty, the minimalist and the classic. Because although they are of completely different styles, they are drawn to their aesthetic concept and our biggest challenge is to find out which is the most suitable option to dress our house.

Therefore, perhaps this is an idea that will help us in this difficult decision to choose furniture that combines different styles in the same design. Here is how it happens to us, for example, the Mandarin armchair from the firm Two.Six, a strange seat designed by the couple Claudia and Harry Washington and combining two opposing styles that are retro and modern. How to link these two concepts? Look at the picture and let yourself be surprised!

The combination of styles is achieved thanks to the synergy between the main structure of the chair constructed of older wood and upholstered seat with backrest and armrests corresponding to a more avant-garde trend. Thanks to noble materials such as wood, they never go out of fashion and go visually well with all types of materials, the Mandarin armchair achieves this perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics and blends into a room full of its own personality.

It is solid walnut wood and an upholstered seat sewn in a beautiful square pattern a contrast of creative flair, giving us a different stylish look, while at the same time a very comfortable seat to rest at any time, to be able to use the armchair as a reading corner, to watch television or even as an extra chair for eating. The result, despite what one might think, is a fairly discreet armchair with a modern and original air that can be integrated even in a bedroom or an office.

Through this combination of styles, we can have our favorite decorative styles at home and we can finish the home decor with furniture and items of both styles you are looking for. timeless style. What do you think?