If you ran out of multifunctional furniture in 2016, you will be happy to know one of the recent proposals of Ukrainian designer Julia Kononenko. It is this sofa that you see in the picture, although it is much larger than a sofa! Thanks to its dimensions, it can easily be transformed into a table with stools. Two in one perfect for incorporation into small homes. Can we see it in detail?

Due to the rectangular shape of the design, it is very similar to the stock. We appreciate the exact shapes that finish the structure in the corners, as well as the choice of wood as the main ingredient to facilitate mitigation and integration in all types of environments. So as soon as it can be a sofa, if we open the top cover; as a side table to eat, or as a decorative piece of furniture to place or leave a few figurines in front of the sofa to store magazines and television controls.

If the whole is very homogeneous, the designer gave a colorful note to the sofa cushions. Thus, when we open the top cover, we find two sets of three cushions of different colors, which are the backrest and the seat. They are available in three colors (light gray, dark gray and green) and are filled with dense foam to give a comfortable and tight seat. With a total of three seats, this is a small sofa but ideal for short breaks in the living room! Regarding its usefulness as a table, there are two characteristics which should be drawn attention: the surface of use can be lengthened thanks to two wings elongated on the upper part and, also, if you suffer from a weak table height, you would know this he also has his legs stretched out, so that we can adjust the height to our liking.

In addition, all the cushions used for the sofa, we can remove them from the main structure to use them as a seatWhether sitting on the floor or, if we stretch out the incarnated feet underneath, we can transform each cushion into a perfect little stool to accompany our table and have a good time in company.

What do you think of this multifunctional piece of furniture? Do you find this interesting and useful for small apartments? Where would you put it?