Designer furniture replicas are a good way to get a striking floor and spend less money than choosing the originals. The finishes are generally very achievable and the result can be exceptional.

designer furniture

a designer furniture They are always a simple formula to make any environment striking, functional and above all original. However, the most common problem that is usually required is the use of this type of furniture. In this case, we would like to suggest that the cost is not an issue and that you can have a low cost apartment with the latter. How can this be done? Well, thanks to the designer furniture replicas that you can buy in stores and on the Internet.

a replicas are nothing more than a classic reinterpretation of furniture design that they received awards in their time, first of all for their functionality or the use of materials, or even that they came up with that piece that everyone wanted. Today, there are many stores dedicated to their on-demand use, and other websites are specialized only in this type of products due to the great interest they generate among the public. While it might cost you an original arm and leg, or even a second hand, many replicas cost less than $ 100.

But, if you go start decorating a space in your home Promising on this trend, you probably do not know too many design furniture proposals to prepare yourself for choosing the replicas that will achieve an excellent result. It is precisely for this reason that we offer you some well-known ideas by name and surname to inspire you when choosing the most suitable for the space in your home that you are looking to improve. At the same time, we will end our article today with some tips on how to combine this type of furniture to achieve the best results in the room.

Very interesting designer furniture

  1. Tulip table and chair: Not only is the Tulip table an interesting replica of the chair set when chosen on the basis of its minimalist character, but it is also particularly striking as it can be used in space with a small footprint or on floors with low reduced dimensions. . It is striking, functional and will also serve as a dining table, side table or even for fear of the arrival of guests.
  2. The tower chair: Designer chairs are perhaps the most well-known model and you will find that this is true in many sizes in the different replica offerings. Of course, we have to consider that he missed this point of surprise that partly characterizes him and today we want to recover it by suggesting that you promise to go a little further than waiting for the classic. Any space that stimulates the legs of the original Tower chair but offers an armchair or even a corrugated chair are good ideas.
  3. acapulco chair: if you are looking for a chair or a chair for an outdoor space or to create a cozy corner in your home, I think it is a good choice. It is characterized by its striking design and is really functional due to the large space it leaves when sitting. Of course, its dimensions do not make it suitable for small spaces and should be accompanied by a table that uses the classic ropes with which this model is built.

Tips for using designer furniture replicas

  • Match the colors well: With designer furniture, due to their striking character, you have to be careful with overly funny color combinations. To correct this, it is better to stick with a bright color paired with neutral tones or a combination of tones from the same range. If the replicas are also in several colors, nothing like gray, black, white and beige to hit the mark.
  • Choose accessories and accessories suited to the style of the furniture designed: Each replica of designer furniture represents a different style. While it is true that styles can be combined, the truth is that if you don’t want to risk failing in the combination, it is better to choose those from the same range.
  • Leave as much room as possible for the furniture: Allowing each piece of furniture to catch the eye and illuminate the replica with its own light leaves plenty of space around it. That is why it is important to get rid of accessories or other items that do not add great importance to the whole.

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