Children must play. This is a fact that has been proven in numerous studies to prove that playful activities play a fundamental role in the development of children during childhood. Among these studies, we now find the one conducted by IKEA itself, called Play Report, in 12 different countries, including Spain, among parents of children between 7 and 12 years old and newborns as well.

What the Swiss firm wanted to convey by participating in this research is the need to bring games to every home with children and that is why it has released an original collection of games for parents and children to enjoy. unique family moments. If we take it into account 50% of Spanish parents feel guilty for not spending enough time with their children and 47% of children say they want to spend more time with their parentsWe understand that a collection of games similar to the one recommended by IKEA is ideal in trying to address this common case in family nests.

The IKEA collection is called LATTJO and offers a wide range of active games, both indoor and outdoor; from board games to role-playing and musical games, designed for all ages. All Designed by developer Nicolas Cortolezzis, they are made with natural materials and have a unique graphic identity.

Therefore, we get card games, dominoes, darts, yo-yos, cones, rubber bands, jump bags, hoops, jump ropes, kites, tambourine, puzzles, inflatables, costumes and board games in general, combined with a book full of ideas for playing and even a mobile application with more suggestions to continue playing together without falling into monotony!

The data shows that 45% of children are not allowed to play in the street, a figure that is increasing because of the security that parents place on their children; For this reason, it is essential to have a collection similar to the one recommended by IKEA and which will give us happy moments, and ensure the good development of the little ones at home; in addition to good humor, the more playful side of which also affects adults.

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PHOTO: ikea.com