Ikea's best-selling furniture

If you are talking about furniture, with Ikea must make a separate mention. In fact, the Swedish brand has marked before and after in the world of furniture, and now also for offices with its new series. While I’m sure if you haven’t already found out that you can buy online you’ll enjoy the announcement, today at Vivir Hogar we end up with the Nordic benchmark for another reason. In this case, we want to analyze the most successful furniture in Spain.

It’s just a matter of looking at what’s going on in the decoration store with more variety, but also to save money. In fact, if you go to the Ikea website, you will see that many of the items on the list that we will show you below are getting a significant price reduction. The Nordic giant decides to share the success with the most interested users. And the truth is, the initiative seems to be gathering a lot of new fans for the brand.

Top 10 best-selling furniture at Ikea

It must be remembered that, despite the crisis, Ikea in Spain has very good results. Indeed, until August 2016 (the group closed the accounts on that date), it had accumulated an 8% increase in its sales compared to the same period of the previous year. It therefore reached 1,384 million euros. And while these auctions contain it all, there are products that are crowned as the Most Wanted Brand. These are now a design stick in many houses in Spain and, with the decline, may be crowned with giving them a few more numbers in the Swedish multinational’s account.

In the first site of Ikea’s best-selling furniture in Spain, it highlights the Kallax shelves. It is without a doubt the bestseller. However, the financial situation is the one that convinces the group the most. The Pöang armchairs, which are the ones in the image with which we show the article, are one of the most popular items from Ikea. No less, this 2017 is no less than 40 years old, and continues to sell as much, if not more, than on the first day of its launch. The bronze medal goes to one of those home staples, the Bräda booth.

  1. KALLAX shelf
  2. PÖANG armchair
  3. BRÄDA support
  4. Mirror A LOT
  5. HEMNES day bed
  6. FEJKA factory
  7. MELODI lamp
  8. STEFAN chair
  9. FRIHETEN sofa bed
  10. Cutlery FÖRNUFT

The truth is, when you look at all of these products, Ikea is clearly a good choice for all of them. However, I particularly draw attention to the lamp, the sofa and the cutlery. I think they are the right combination to turn the living room and dining room into the perfect room. They are not too expensive and look very stylish. Maybe for all these reasons these were violated The 10 best Ikea bestsellers.

Ikea renovates the city

I am especially one of those who like to go Ikea with the pre-made list. I admit it’s great to get lost in the halls, but if you don’t have too much time, and you don’t want to pack a thousand things, your best bet is to check the web to see what really matches this. you need and the references bring you to directly access those items. Where they are displayed, you will have to be the only one looking for them in that section, without being able to use the warehouse aisle codes. Anyway, just in case you still haven’t, you can now shop from ikea without leaving your home. In fact, online shopping has already been implemented across Spain.

For online purchase, however, it must be said that the price shipping and handling charges It makes what you take home much more expensive. Still, it’s much cheaper than buying from other sellers like eBay who offer to buy for you from Ikea at much higher prices. I think this is something that will improve over time, especially if they want to position themselves as well in the internet world as they have with physical stores.