Between sofa, bed and shelter is this original design by Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figueroa. The interior of this type of cabin, designed to fit into a beautiful corner of the house, conveys calm and relaxation, if not in the dining room, at least a secondary room in which the lucky chosen one can sit and relax, protect yourself from the cold, find a hole of privacy, read or sleep comfortably. The design is reminiscent of many other types of mountain camping, so it is made for unassuming decorations and far from any minimalism. Orwell is the name of this invention.

The structure is made of wood. The basis of this work, which can still be seen in the final design, was the construction of a cabin and therefore was known in the study before it was named after the famous surname of the writer. Why Orwell is almost an inspiration; the creators wanted to name him so in order to claim this first idea that he had lost a close relationshipeven inside the house. What comes to us now from this design is a symbiosis between a sofa bed cabin that leaves us endless possibilities for rest, relaxation and escape. This magical little space that we all wanted as children; a secret corner where you can hide.

The essence of this product, to understand us, is like any other sofa. The difference is that the backrest and the sides rise above our heads to create a kind of open box that we can reveal or hide thanks to a system of thick padded curtains. Thanks to the curtains we can separate ourselves from the sound and enjoy all the dimensions of Orwell, in different positions and with different uses.

If we have children at home, they will certainly be happy to have a piece of furniture like this where they can find their own personal space. As adults we can really enjoy the benefits of this chalet. It can be used as a seat just for entertaining guests or having coffee for snacks, and is perfect as an extra bed if needed. Get your privacy corner and make yourself comfortable with Orwell! For more information, you can visit the website of the creators Goula and Figuera. If you take a closer look you can find some other very interesting designs …

Photo: Goulafiguera