Walk the line

The pool design studio reveals the beauty of the simplest forms through the configuration of furniture collections based on geometric figures. Walk in the Line, which takes its name from a popular song by American musician Johnny Cash, features the Circle chair as the most notable feature.

The design is based on the greatest simplicity by integrating a dining chair in a circle that surrounds it creating the arms. The remaining spaces between the different main elements of the composition are completed by metal bars arranged in parallel which give strength to the structure.

Sébastien Kieffer and Léa Padovani, the founders of the Pool studio, combine their creativity with the work of craftsman François Pouenat to give life to the elements that make up the Walk in the Line collection. Pouenat is a specialist in metallurgy and here applies various traditional and contemporary techniques.

a Line & Circle Lamp it is an example of geometric simplicity with a great contemporary appealing result and obvious minimalism. It’s just a long aluminum set in a perfect perimeter of the same material. The whole is suspended from the ceiling with the help of cables and, thanks to this, reaches an ideal counterweight to maintain the balance as if it were mobile.

For its part, vase trope it takes shape thanks to a green sheet of metal rolled up in an inverted cone on a cylindrical base in black. Again, geometric abstraction results in a very modern look with a minimalist air.

Other elements connect to these elements, such as the circular table which has a simple appearance and sits on the base of a pyramidal shape. Like the Trait & Cercle lamp, this table draws its support from black lines that underline the geometry of its design. The interior of the pyramid reveals a bronze sphere that rises a few centimeters from the ground as the main decorative figure of the complex.

Finally, it’s worth it Lampa Mallet composed of a black metal box with an original aluminum handle which crowns it. The highlight of this item is the hammered bronze finish which shows off its rough, glossy surface in contrast to the black of the screen.

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