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Tradition and technology. Classicism and modernity. These combinations are the characteristic duo that presents the work of the new interior design company Adidea. This design studio presents a new way of creating furniture, introducing a different concept of art in interior design where combines traditional materials such as wood, with advanced techniques such as laser cutting or engraving.

Adidea explains that the companies have worked to the same designs and standards in recent years, so many of the furniture and decorations we see in their storefronts are the same piece, designed with little differentiating elements. This is due to the fact great standardization has been made in interior design without the promise of new techniquesThey are innovative like the one Adidea offers today for the use of lasers.

Therefore, the company now presents a new collection of furniture which, although they have the same common characteristics, remain singular, unique and different pieces. If you visit the official site, you will discover some exclusive designs such as the He la table (short for He and She), made of wood and laser engraved to reflect human features. Another unique table is the Exotic table decorated with palm leaves and personalized engravings.



The company also wanted to reiterate our concept of classic bar furniture, which is why it shows us its AVE-C collection, whose name is a union between the word bird and the ca is added to the French word to create a “with ” significant. In this way, the company wants to highlight the usefulness of this modern furniture set to be enjoyed at events or when we have company. The collection consists of various pieces, which stand out among them Garza bar cabinet, Domes D’air and Aurea lamps, Flamenco Bar Weird cabinet and, finally, Pangea table. A unique and original series in which we find versatile furniture and accessories to create a variety of spaces where wood stands out from its heat and laser engraving.

Exceptional work that presents me with a different interior design and I’m sure more than one person will always know how to go about it.